Hi, thanks for visiting! This is Karina, the founder of Re/lax Remade.

I believe in finding the good. I believe in doing what we can with what we have. And I believe we each can make a difference, while having a bit of fun.

Re/lax Remade represents all of that. It is fun while being responsible. It is fashion while being one-of-a-kind. It is style that supports a healthier planet and a more meaningful experience for its wearers and makers.

I source each towel individually from a range of interesting characters around Australia, and my small team and I make each hat, from start to finish, in our colourful workroom in the north of Sydney. Some towels are well-loved and recovered from sheds; others are carefully preserved engagement gifts from the 60s. Each towel is beautiful and unique with a story - just like each of us.

Thank you for supporting something that is good for the planet, good for the makers, and looks so good on you.

Love, Karina x


Re/lax Remade hats are lovingly inspired by the quintessentially Australian terry towelling chemist-bought hats Karina’s dad and grandpa lived in during the 70s and 80.

This is Karina’s Dad Clif looking sharp in the OG, circa 1984. Karina wanted to make something with better sun protection, using existing materials, but preserving the same vibe.

Every hat is hand made

in Sydney, Australia

one of a kind

there will never be two the same

from vintage towels

making something new, again.

and, proudly Australian owned and made

Helping breath new life into local manufacturing within the Australian fashion industry.