x Diana Rikasari

Welcome to the Diana Rikasari x Re/lax Remade Collection!

Diana is an upcycling trailblazer, author, fashion designer and all round legend. We decided that our new Rescue hats - which take otherwise age worn towels and resuscitate them into nostalgic bucket hats - were a perfect blank canvas for her colourful, dopamine-dripping world view.

Think Barbie accessories, beads from broken bracelets, gummy bear pins, ribbon rosettes, Y2K smileys, crochet flowers from vintage knee blankets, and patches from her kids' old clothing. These are Diana’s personal junk drawer trinkets, hand sewn by her onto Re/lax Remade Rescue hats, at her home studio in Switzerland.

Wearable art that’s sentimental and nostalgic, while being future minded about how we want our world to be.

Shop the collaboration right here, on August 18, 5pm AEST.